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Inland Home Mortgage™, a Portfolio Broker has the ability to lend in all 50 States.  Strategically,  we create the online presence so consumers know our client.  


Jackie Tokich


Squeeze Page Funnels
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For Mortgage Brokers, offering Home Loans in multiple States is what make good mortgage brokers Great, especially in our current Home Buying environment.  The Client wanted us to provide the ideal online Funnel Solution that allowed for the capture of consumers emails that sought various types of mortgage loan products while establishing a sound online foundation in a new State for a thriving mortgage company based in a different city and state.  Our Funnel Solution has produced the results in the form of a Website that functions as the idea Funnel solution for a Mortgage Company.     

Clients goals

Establish the ideal online presence in a new City and state that allowed me to still capture leads via a custom Squeeze Page Funnel from online consumers seeking Home Mortgage information and or Mortgage services.  

  • Create a home page (Squeeze Page Funnels offered)
  • Create a detailed Calculator Section
  • Create a detailed First Time Home Buyer Section
  • Create training pages
  • Download request page with a form.
  • Unlimited Sqeeze Page Funnels throughout the website

The Results

Our online Squeeze Page Funnel Solution leaves little to the imagination, ensuring our client has retains the ability of being deliberate when procuring leads in the Home Mortgage Loan Industry.  The completed funnel solutions allows for consumers to complete the funnels while never leaving the clients website.

Client Review