I Was Stopped

Ever been stopped by the Police and was unclear of where to go for court or how to hire an Attorney for a traffic, felony or a Police misconduct Case, Dravest© is your resource. – GClark  




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In our society, it is not if you are stopped by the police, it’s when you are stopped by the police there should be resources available that empower the person stopped by providing resources that help regain their footing.  I Was Stopped, “Powered by Dravest©” is that Resource website now available to the public that allows consumers to receive the help if ever needed when there is an encounter with the Police.  As a citizen you could be at fault during your police encounter and need resources or there could have been Police misconduct during your police encounter and the need for resources still may be required.  Regardless to the reason why, I Was Stopped, “Powered by Dravest©” is here for you.  

Clients goals

Create an intuitive platform ideal for consumer to obtain the resources needed after a Police Encounter.  Dravest© was created with the common citizen in mind.

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The Results

I Was Stopped, “Powered by Dravest©”, a Trademarked company offering resources designed to empower the citizen stopped by the police. Success was attained as the client received the desired Trademark Certification sought as that was the initial and primary reason for retaining Consumer Funnels.  Every step of the way, when anyone visit I Was Stopped, “Powered By Dravest©”, instantly they understand the importance and thought behind the website.

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