Implicit Attitudes

In the moments that create time, not all thoughts are created equally.  Thoughts are predicated on the past or future, both never constitute the present moment which entertains no thought.


Implicit Attitude


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Implicit Attitudes was created to bring an awareness to the complex nature that governs everyday thought.  Often the attention given to the thoughts we have take us out of the present moment, into the past or future moments.  Once in these moments we govern from this place of certainty when it is ego that governs as thought has us in its grip.  Implicit Attitudes is designed to establish the link between what and why we think what we think.  

Clients goals

The team behind Implicit Attitudes approached, with the desire to enhance the overall look and feel of their blog/website. When the audience landed on the website, the team wanted them to have every access to the post immediately without feeling overwhelmed with information or content.  Although they did not have products, they wanted a store so that in the future, they could sell products to the public.  We took this information and created the current 

  • Custom Website
  • Squeeze Funnel Pages
  • E-Commerce Store
  • Redesign
  • Mail Chimp Integration

The Results

We listen to our client then produced an interactive blog that include subtle Squeeze Funnel Pages to capture the audience in a stealth way.  At the discretion of the owner, we allowed the audience to enjoy the blog, with subtle funnel call to actions included throughout the website.   We allowed the reader to read in a great atmosphere.   

Client Review