Help with clients Common Questions

Have a question?  We’ve created this page to cover the most common questions we’ve received from clients and consumers regarding Consumer Funnels and the Branding we offer.  Our attempt is to simplify the process so joining our collective is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Consumer Funnels

Online Branding Plans, is everything really included?

We designed our base plans to ensure each client’s GEO branding is covered, producing organic results designed to reach referral sources, current clients, and future clients.

Domain Plans = Basic Plans Include: Domain Branding, Authority Domain, Forwarding, Masking, and Custom Email Address – Plans Begin at $2.92 a day

Website Funnel Plans = Basic Plans Include: Hosting, Website Funnel, Domain, SSL, Custom Email, SEO, Google Ranking, Online Indexing, Company Branding and More. – Plans Begin at $6.55 a day

Create with online digital marketing gurus is what you can expect.

Our strategy produces more organic leads avoiding often pricey low converting pay for lead companies. We structure a thriving geographical area around your service which strengthens your brand and consumer awareness. Our marketing gurus make business development sensible, affordable and long lasting.

Online authority blogs SEO branding for your target audience.

Our authority online blogs brand each clients business as they provide an informative element rich in SEO content designed to anchor placement within a search engine ranking algorithm.  Functional as an Independent or combined authority branding component, they are a great addition for clients competing for larger online market share.

Blog Plans = Basic Plans Include: Custom Blog Branding attached to existing website – 7 Monthly Blogs, Plans Begin at $2 a day

Landing Page Funnel Blog Plans = Basic Plans Include: Landing Page Funnel, Authority Domain, Hosting,  SSL, Custom Email, SEO, Google Ranking, Online Indexing, Company Branding and More. – 7 Monthly Blogs, Plans Begin at $4 a day

We handle the strategic marketing, so you don’t have to

Once we get your company service online and in front of your prospects, rest assure your business receives the exposure that create new organic leads. Our marketing experts structure your placement for results, explaining search analytics in an easy understandable way.

Billing for branding Plans is expected when? Contracts, are they required?

Billing for authority branding plans is handled on a quarterly basis ensuring our clients branding is structured for success.  Aside for the 1 time set up fee, which each plan set up fee is individually structured to their plan, clients can expect billing to occur every 3 months.

NO Contract for Plans = Our plans are structured without the demands associated with contractual obligations.  We do not require contracts.

The advertising support your business needs begins with Consumer Funnels.

With our FREE consultation, we are confident the advice we provide is worth the time investment.