Consumer Funnels

When creating awareness, interest, consideration, justification for a purchase matters.
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Consumer Funnels Process

The first step in the sales funnel phase is called the “Awareness” phase because it is the step where people know about your product or service for the first time. They can hear from you through your advertisements, announcements, and even word of mouth. How and why these people go through the sales funnel depends on your sales and marketing. Leaders at the middle and lower stages of the sales funnel are the leaders who need attention the most because they have become beyond recognition for listening. An example of recognition level is the expectation of discovering a business for the first time. They may have clicked on one of your ads, read your blog, saw your website on Google search, or heard from colleagues about your product or service.

Common Step 2 & 3: Education & Research = When customers can learn about your target, they measure it by their interests. They think about the problem they are trying to solve and do competitive research to make sure your product is the best solution.

Common Step 4 & 5: Evaluation & Justification = Armed with information about your business, consumers can explore pricing and packaging options in depth. At this point, sales pages, webinars, and phone calls will support potential buyers.

Common Final Step: Purchase = It all comes down to this step, once the prospect makes a purchase based on the preceding funnel steps, you can create a supportive atmosphere to convert consumers you engage with.

Consumer Funnels, we turn prospects into clients!

Consumer Funnels Process











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Consumer Funnels Process


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